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Hardcore 25th Anniversary
£ 4.50
In honor of the 25th anniversary of Montana Colors, Hardcore is bringing back the classic design that made it famous.  Despite showcasing a retrospective look, the quality of the Hardcore paint inside is up to par with all of advances we’ve developed in the formula up until now.

THE SAME AS WHEN WE BEGAN. It has been more than 7 years since the Hardcore spray underwent the greatest evolution in its history.  A new formula adapted to the demands of modern graffiti, and a new color palette, provoked a transformation to its design, aesthetically reflecting these important changes. Over time, this design with the characteristic grid and the colored ball became an anachronistic icon; an element close to our hearts thanks to its importance in the history of contemporary graffiti. And so, as a definitive tribute to the 25th anniversary of Montana Colors, we’ve decided to put this look back into circulation — although in a limited run and for a limited time only.  Throughout 2020, we’ll be distributing 200,000 units of the Harcore colors Electric Blue, Light Yellow, White, Black, Silver and Vivid Red to the points of sale, packed with a design that reproduces the classic aesthetics of Hardcore. We are convinced that this simple idea will stir up emotions in many of us, also lending more sentimental value to the can that you hold in your hands.
  • RV-9011 Black
  • Silver
  • RV-1021 Light Yellow
  • RV-3001 Vivid Red
  • RV-30 Electric Blue
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