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Mega Colors
£ 5.95
RRP: £6.50

The new Mega colors 600ml Increased Opacity
With this new formula we have achieved a perfect equilibrium between opacity and density. High Powered A stable and uniform composition for a 600ml, which permits the can to maintain constant pressure right to the end. Giving the Mega the ability to achieve wider lines with better coverage than ever before, thus fully optimising its performance. Extreme temperatures This new formula also permits optimum functionality in even the most extreme weather conditions. Fully tested as low as -15 C and above +35 C.
  • R-9011 Black
  • R-9010 Divinity white
  • R-1021 Light Yellow
  • R-3020 Light Red
  • RV 30 Electric Blue
  • #RV 219 Paris Green
  • R-4010 Magenta
  • RV 211 Love Pink
  • #RV 225 Geisha Violet
  • R-7040 Pearl Grey
  • R-8002 Toasted Brown
  • RV-3004 Bordeaux Red
  • RV-5005 Dark Blue
  • RV-21 Surgical Green
  • RV-5 Lutecia Green
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