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In Barcelona 1994, chemists Jordi & Miquel hooked up with writers Moockie & Kapi to produce a spray can designed specifically for a graffiti writers. The characteristics of this new can was one that every writer had dreamed about. The can created clean lines, applied good pressure, supplied excellent coverage and was sold at a very affordable price. They decided to name this new product Montana Colors.

Montana Colors was initially sold in the now legendary graffiti shop "Game Over". This is now rumoured to be one of the first graffiti shops to sell paint across all of Europe, writers started to come from all over globe to fill up their vans with Montana Colors Spray cans.

Over the years Montana changed the Graffiti game by constantly bringing new innovative products such as the Hardcore, the Donut System, Alien Art Concept, Nitro, 2G Colors, 94 and the latest MEGA range.

In 1995, Nottingham´s graffiti artist "Dilk" hooks up with Moockie & Kapi and his crew on an interrail trip to Barcelona. Dilk being used to the
oldschool english paint was blown away by the first Montana Cans and instantly comes home with a suitcase full of Montana Colors cans.From that moment Dilk made regular trips to Barcelona and soon became a partner and builds a good friendship with Moockie, Kapi and Jordi.

In 2002 Dilk decides to open a graffiti shop called Coverage, Nottingham´s first graffiti shop to sell Montana Cans exclusively. After 6 years located in the Westend Arcade, Nottingham, Dilk decided that it was time to expand and consults his friends in Barcelona about taking the shop to the next level.

This led to the opening of the Montana brand store, at a new location in the Hockley area of Nottingham. The new shop would specialise in the finest Spanish specialities: Great Markers & Inks and a large a selection of various products and goodies from around the world.

Now, some years later, we have evolved to selling official Montana products online, ensuring that the Montana Shop Nottingham provides the best Products & Services throughout the UK.